Both of my kids have Valentine’s Day parties this week.  Did I forget to tell you? I enrolled Maybelle in 3 year old preschool in January.  It’s two days a week, at a school with a good reputation and a convenient location near A.P.’s school.

I hate it.

She loves it though, so I will just switch her in the Fall. For now, I’ve lowered my expectations and consider it a loosely supervised playgroup with weird snacks. Like peperoni. Who feeds preschoolers peperoni for a snack? They should be eating cupcakes that match the current class theme, lovingly prepared by their parents. But no – no themes, no cupcakes.  Just peperoni.

OK back to the valentines.  Me being, well – me; I bought the valentines back in July because they were 75% off. They’re little bags and I didn’t want to fill them up with candy, so I headed over to Kent Novelty this weekend for some goodies.

They have all kinds of crap there.   It’s like you are walking around in an Oriental Trading catalog.  I learned about the place from my Dad, who used to buy all of the prizes for our elementary school carnivals from there. It has been around for a long time, because I’m quite old.

This store is a little dangerous for me, because it always makes me want to have a party.  Mardi Gras beads, for all my friends! Or maybe some blow up dice for a Vegas Night? I showed great restraint though. 

I ended up with heart stamps with an ink-thingy in it and bubbles for Maybelle’s class, and jump ropes for A.P.’s class.  I figure they can use them to burn off their sugar buzz. I like to think of this as brilliant, but I’m sure when the kids are lasso-ing their younger siblings with the jump ropes their parents will be cursing me.

The total was $20, which is more than I would have spent on candy but since the actual Valentine’s were so cheap I justified it. I’m also going to A.P.’s party (Maybelle’s teacher didn’t want parents at their party. I know. I KNOW!) and will bring a Valentine’s Day Bingo game with me.  I have yet to make it, but I am completely ripping the idea off from a mom of a kid in his preschool class who goes to a different school this year therefore won’t be there to take credit for it.

The ‘ bingo cards’ are just simple sheets with a grid, and Valentine-y stuff on them.  I found a website that allows you to semi-customize the cards, and print them for free. When kids get a match they can put a little candy (I’m thinking those conversation hearts) on it, then get a prize for a bingo.  The prize will be  leftover heart stamps from Maybelle’s class – I had to buy 48 of them.

For the teachers, I think I will just continue ripping off ideas from other people.  3inunder3has a link to some jazzed up rice crispy treats that will make a nice gift for the teachers.  She also has some cute stuff she’s selling in her etsy store on there too.

My husband and I will celebrate in a few weeks – my father in law will be staying with us on V-day.  And nothing says ‘romance’ like in-laws…


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  1. ofebers

    NO CUPCAKES? What is wrong with you? Take her out now! j/k.

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