Weekend Top Five

I really enjoy reading a blog called “The Wheelz Are Rolling“.  In short, this is a mom that totally keeps it real, and I dig that.  She does a ‘Weekend Top Five’ and I decided to participate this week.  You just list the top five things that happened to you this weekend.  Like Gonzo, but in reverse.

1. We had a pretty good weekend.  We kicked it off by finding out that against all odds, my recently laid-off sister got a job! We were so thankful to hear about that and insisted she drive here from Lansing so we could congratulate her in person. Aren’t we lovely?

2.  Dollar beer, dollar dogs baby.  We cashed in some free vouchers we had for participating in the Put A Lid On It  program and got Griffins Tickets Friday night.  A really nice guy gave A.P. a Griffins trading card.  It is encased in plastic and has a piece of a jersey in it.

3.  My husband, in an incredible display of dad-ness spent two days this week volunteering in A.P.’s classroom.  He was rewarded with a nice mention in the Friday Newsletter from A.P.’s teacher which made us all very proud.

4.  Last week, we got Maybelle a fish.  She named it Couchy Jones.  (Close runner up names were Lampy Jones, and Chairy Jones).  Sadly, Couchy only lived a few days.  My husband quickly replaced the dead Couchy for a nice, lively one and the kids never noticed.  Couchy Jones Junior (the Junior is silent) lived through the weekend, and we feel like this one is going to make it.  Oh… the deception.

5. The Steelers.  The Steelers.  The Steelers! My husband is a die-hard Steelers fan and is beside himself with excitement.  He’s so happy he forgot all about the fact that no one in town had any ‘Arn City’ (that would be Iron City to you and me) beer to wash down the goodies at the party we went to.

Head over to Kristi’s blog if you’d like to post your own Weekend Top Five!



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2 responses to “Weekend Top Five

  1. That is indeed the most original fish name I have ever encountered. I am truly impressed at keeping the fish alive for the weekend. That’s longer than I have ever lasted.

    Thanks for the shout out.

  2. BTW, following up on your blog about the Priority Health race from the other day, the pictures from my header are from the boys at the race last year.

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