Dear Old Dad

No, Dad, I am totally not calling you old.  It’s just a song. Or a saying. Or something.  It’s pretty evident to anyone who reads Big Binder that I really love my Dad and that he is very important to my family and to me.

When I was 16, my Mom died.  I didn’t really ‘get it’ until I myself became a parent, but my Dad had an incredibly difficult, exhausting, and draining job ahead of him as a single parent.  Let me just say publicly… Dad, thank you. 

Fatherhood is important.  I am fortunate to have a husband who is also a great dad.  Kids need a positive male figure in their life.  I am really proud to be a part of Great Start, especially because of a presentation coming up next month I want to tell you about.

Senator Bill Hardiman will be speaking at the David D Hunting YMCA (the big, fancy one downtown) about the importance of male role models for children.  This isn’t a political event, it’s a man who speaks from his own experience and genuinely wants to support strong fatherhood in his own community.  It’s free, and you also get a day pass to the YMCA.  Now is your chance to check out that awesome pool! I will be helping with the event, I sincerely hope to see you and your family too.


Given By: Senator Bill Hardiman

Discussing the importance of male role models for children.

Where:  David D. Hunting YMCA (downtown)

475 Lake Michigan Dr NW

When: February 28th from 2pm – 5 pm

Sponsored By: Great Start Parent Coalition

For FREE admission to the event and a YMCA day pass,

RSVP 632-1007

 Are you a father, uncle, brother or friend who is active in a child’s life?  Come listen to a powerful message from Senator Hardiman about how to play an effective role in a child’s life.  There will be free childcare during the 1 hour presentation.  After the presentation, a FREE day pass for the YMCA will be given to all families to enjoy the facilities.  So, bring your swim suits and get ready to have a free fun family day!



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3 responses to “Dear Old Dad

  1. I think it is wonderful that we recognize the need for strong men in children’s lives. However, what resources are available for men who don’t have these skills and children whose father isn’t available?

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