6 responses to “Hunker Down

  1. hotomom

    Such a great post. Especially letting others know not to be embarrassed by their situation. We have to do what’s best for our families.

  2. It’s happening all over the place (my father-in-law, our best friend, my dad for a short time, and many others I know), and I pray that it doesn’t happen to us. Thanks for sharing this info, I’m going to tuck it away in a safe place should I need it!

  3. I keep hearing more and more stories like this about families affected by layoffs… Even as we still are as well. And now with Ron on short-term disability for at least another week… I think I may be (again) turning to some of the resources that you have listed here. Thanks for putting this list together – it helps to know that there’s assistance, even if none of us ever wants to have to use it. I hope that your hubby gets called back to his job soon!

  4. Just scheduled our WIC appt this morning. Bummer, I need to, but I’m thankful it’s available. Thanks for the post.

  5. Emily

    I never knew what the income requirements were for this so thank you. I appreciate it:)

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