Thank YOU!

Thank you so much for the nice feedback on-line and in person. It feels good to be back to blogging, and even better to know you are out there cheering me on.

I am working on updating the calendar.  While I was working a lot, it made me sad to look at all the stuff going on around our amazing town because I wasn’t doing it.

We’re all probably still coming down off of the holidays, and getting back into the swing of school schedules.  Watch for frequent updates to the January calendar, I promise to bring you the best Grand Rapids has to offer you and your youngin’s.

For now, I have to watch the Most Dramatic Rose Ceremony Ever.  That’s right… the Bachelor is back.  I can’t wait to see the craziness that this season brings.



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5 responses to “Thank YOU!

  1. EVERY ceremony is the most dramatic ever. But I have to admit that I am hooked since they’re bringing back the bachelorette that jilted him.

  2. I thought of you when I saw that the Bachelor was starting up. (not that I don’t always think of you).
    Ricardo wouldn’t let me watch it, though.

  3. hotomom

    I am so glad you are back. Can’t wait to read ANYTHING you have to say about surviving this mess the government has dealt our families.

  4. This is the first season I have really watched. Are the women always this certifiable? Cause they are SCARY!!

  5. E

    ugh, most dramatic ever. I am boycotting Jason.

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