I’ll Make Tamales Next Time

A few weeks ago, the kids and I went to Blandford Nature Center’s Harvest Festival.  One of the demonstrations showed how corn is harvested, dried, shucked, then the kernels are cracked and made into feed or further ground into flour.

Knowing a good kids craft opportunity when I see one (ha!), I asked the corn guy if I could take home some of the husks laying around on the ground.  He looked at me a little weird, then said, “sure…”.

The pumpkin we carved at the Kentwood Library’s ‘Family Carving Event’ last Saturday had already been half eaten by ravenous squirrels, so I decided it was time to bust out the husks on Sunday and set out to make corn husk dolls with the kids.

This was one of my worst ideas ever.  I used the directions from Family Fun magazine.  My kids don’t know how to tie knots, braid, or roll corn husks so they were bored with the process and started hacking the yarn into little pieces instead.  Naturally, I yelled at them gently brought their attention back to our project.  Eventually I just let them go and play with something else, then come back at the end to make hairstyle and fashion choices for their dolls. 

My husband was thoroughly impressed, somehow having never seen a corn husk doll in his life.  They did turn out kind of cute, but I use the corn husks for what I’m good at next time – cooking.

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2 responses to “I’ll Make Tamales Next Time

  1. Gift of Green

    My favorite part of your narrative, natch: “Naturally, I yelled at them gently brought their attention back to our project.” Sorry – can’t do the strike through.

  2. ofebers

    They turned out cute!
    It was similar to me trying to make the kids make the tie dyed jack o lantern shirts. They can’t twist rubberbands. I was afraid they’d get dye everywhere. They simply walked away as well.
    I’ll get your GC to you soon.

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