Will Vote For Coffee

No lectures about how important voting is, or commiserating about the end-of-campaign nastiness we’re all dealing with.  Nope, no comments whatsoever about how every time I pick up the phone, someone is begging me to vote for their candidate (or in the case of robo-calls; begging me to vote for themselves).  I will not even go into those informative and 100% truthful TV ads, or the piles of mail about this or that issue. No, I think this subject has been more than adequately covered in the blogosphere and every other media source we are exposed to. 

I have some good news for those of you in the Grand Rapids and Lansing areas.  I can’t guarantee you won’t wait in line for 3 hours next Tuesday to vote; but I can tell you that if you do (or even if you don’t), Schuler Books is hosting “Drink To Democracy”.  Show up at any location with your “I voted” sticker and they’ll give you a free cup of coffee.  I think it’s a perfect way to celebrate the end of this very long campaign season!



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4 responses to “Will Vote For Coffee

  1. hotomom

    Wow that’s cool!! Free coffee is always a good thing.

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  3. E

    Ooh, yay! Thanks for the info!

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