My Deepest Apologies

I have deleted this post.  It was about watching the movie “Fireproof” this weekend.  I said that I liked the plot, story line, and message of God being central in a marriage; but that the acting was very bad.  I also mentioned that my husband and I like the resources that are available to couples as a result of this movie.

Apparently this has offended some people.  Whether or not I like this movie is not really a big issue in my life; so I’ve decided just to remove the post and close the comments.




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3 responses to “My Deepest Apologies

  1. I actually was at Rivertown Crossings at that time Friday night. I was wondering how that movie was…good to know.

    Hey, I have a new site now. If you want to update the link on the right, it is to a public site again now. Hopefully, I have lost all the yucky traffic that was coming my way.

  2. I just got back from watching Fireproof… the over all message was solid for sure; it is good at least that such a different-flavored movie made it into the regular, big screen

  3. BUMMER! Someone else said it was the BEST movie they’d ever seen…but that person rarely goes to movies! Like you, I was really hoping that this was a good “God movie” – but I’ll take your advice and wait for the DVD.

    Did you see “Facing the Giants”? I thought that one was good, I loved the story, even though it was a bit over-the-top cheesy at times. (I wish they’d had made it a bit more “real”, so that those who aren’t sure about the Christian faith would be more likely to think seriously about it and not feel the urge to roll their eyes in some spots.)