Menu Plan Monday

I actually have a plan this week! Dinner for the past few months has been more of a day-by-day affair.  Upon the suggestion of my aunt, and recommendation of a friend we have decided to try Angel Food Ministries.  It is a non-income based program that provides food at a very low cost.  We just picked our order up Saturday, so this week is definitely a trial run. 


Chicken Fajitas – from Angel Food.  They are marinated chicken breast strips wrapped in corn tortillas (also from Angel Food).  I’ll also make some Spanish Rice, and serve it all with raw carrots.


Meatball Sandwiches – I’m just going to heat up some meatballs (from Angel Food) and cut the top off of a loaf of bread and kind of carve it out.  Then, I’ll put the meatballs in it and pour some spaghetti sauce (Angel Food again) on it and bake it for about 15 minutes.  Then I’ll dump some shredded mozzarella on it, and bake for about 5 more.  I will also cook some frozen broccoli from – you guessed it.


Baked Potatoes – The kids and I have been loving baked potato dinners.  I just bake a few potatoes in foil, and serve with broccoli, cheese, bacon (if I have it around), and sour cream.  It’s filling and easy, and the kids like putting their own toppings on.


Coalition meeting – dinner is provided.  Yay!


Sloppy Joes – we are headed down to Kalamazoo for our annual Trick Or Treat party at Grandma’s.  I’m in charge of sloppy joes this year, so I am using a recipe from the cookbook sent to me by the nice people at Country Bob’s.  Click here for the recipe. Every recipe in the book makes my husband drool a little, and since there is a bible verse on many of the pages, it is truly his devotional.

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5 responses to “Menu Plan Monday

  1. Thanks for posting your menu. My family has been considering Angel Food Ministries. I think we will check them out!

  2. rmboys

    Great menu plan!

  3. I just got my 2nd box of Angel Food. I really like it and it certainly has been a blessing to our budget! I like your meatball sandwich idea, I just may try that.

  4. nicolerenae

    We also get an Angel Food box every month. Thanks for the meal ideas! I didn’t have much variety in my meals before getting those, and now I’m forced to be more creative!

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