Make A Joyful Noise

There are some cool classes ’round town that I totally meant to do a Feature Friday about yesterday.  I forgot that there was a Back To School Luau (pronounced “lu-WOW WOW” if you ask A.P.) at school.  It was really fun. I have to say; I feel really fortunate with our school experience so far. All two weeks of it.  There were games and ‘inflatables’ and leis.  Good stuff.

Today we went to the Tiny Tots Olympics at Kentwood Rec.  I was absolutely thrilled with it! There were different stations set up for the kids to do ‘events’.  We started with hockey and didn’t stop until we got to the marshmallow toss.  Every event had a little prize, and at the end the kids got a gold medal.  They loved it. 

We’ve had a very good week on the exercise front.  A.P. started soccer and mark my words – that kid is going to be a goalie.  Actually mark his words; because within 30 seconds of the class he asked for the position.  Maybelle started ballet.  It was the cutest thing I have ever seen in my whole life; no exaggeration. So many of my heart-warming motherhood ‘firsts’ were with A.P.; but this was all hers.  She was all about the ‘twirls’.

So what the heck was I talking about? Oh yeah.  Music. Also a very important thing to make sure you kids get some exposure to, and do some exploration with.  I met Michelle Venegas at a Bright Beginnings playgroup and she told me about her Music Together classes.  It’s a fun time for you to spend with your kid, and introduce them to the amazing world of music. There is a new session starting next week, so it’s a perfect time to check it out. Michelle also teaches Suzuki classes for kids to learn the violin and fiddle.  She has an amazing combination of early childhood and musical experience.

There are other Music Together classes around town, but I haven’t met the instructors.  In fact, they are in many different parts of the country so check out the website for a class nearby.


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