Things I Love Thursday – Country Bob’s

About a month ago, I was contacted by Country Bob’s to see if I’d like to try their All Purpose Sauce, then review it on my blog.  I will not review something I would not be interested in purchasing, and I had never seen Country Bob’s in the store but being that one of my husband’s nick-names is “Sauce King”, this was something I definitely wanted to try.  Incidentally, one of his other nick-names is “Jabber-Jaws”. He has a few more, but we’ll just leave those alone for now.

So anyway, Jabber Jaws/Sauce King and I tried out the Country Bob’s Sauce.  We grilled some chicken breasts and brushed it on afterward before putting the whole thing on a roll to make a sandwich. He loved it.  He said, “there’s a lot going on here!”.  That was a good way to say it.  It is sort of the same consistency as A-1, but it is sweet and tangy and spicy all at once. 

My kids have recently adopted the word ‘spicy’ and use it any time they get any type of taste sensation in their mouth.  It doesn’t mean they like or dislike it; in fact, they think their Spider-man toothpaste is ‘spicy’. They ate it but I couldn’t really tell if they liked it or not. Personally, I thought it would be perfect on pork but haven’t tried that yet.

I went to the Country Bob’s website, and saw that they are offering a sample.  If you’d like to try this, head over and sign up. I don’t think you’ll be sorry! For more Things I Love Thursday, check out the Diaper Diaries.



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5 responses to “Things I Love Thursday – Country Bob’s

  1. You didn’t mention “satchel”

  2. Hi! I love your kid stuff!
    It doesn’t look like Country Bob’s stuff is available or even shippable to where I live. I can say, though, that this is the first time I have seen a business website that lists Christ as the company’s C.E.O. I don’t know how any tax department would handle that one!

  3. That sounds SO SO yummy!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂 What is life like without an Ikea? I can’t imagine it at this stage in my life!

  4. He also asked me to review it for my blog, but since I asked for the ingredient list I haven’t heard back yet. Can you tell me what the ingredients are? (Is there high fructose corn syrup?)

  5. ofebers

    That’s hilarious. My kids say anything thats not bland is spicy too!

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