Super (Lazy) Saturday

For the first time since I’ve had kids, I have a get-up-in-the-morning-and-drive-somewhere job.  It’s a seasonal gig.  I did it last year, but in the evening.  Now I am working in the morning and my husband has switched to 3rd shift.

It’s crazy.

He comes home from work, and grabs A.P. and Maybelle.  He drops A.P. off at school and I head to work.  Then he and Maybelle hang out, and pick A.P. up after school.  I come home early in the afternoon, and he goes to bed.  When I go to bed, he is getting up to go to work. This week we also toss in soccer and ballet. 

Today is the first day we have all been in the same place at the same time (awake) all week and we are loving it.  We didn’t go anywhere except into the back yard to pick tomatoes in the rain, which turned into Mudfest ’08 which turned into bath time. We watched the Georgia game, then had a great dinner of potatoes, broccoli, and salmon.  Alaskan salmon, to be exact, courtesy of Grandpa and Cousin Binder who just returned from there a few weeks ago.

My clean, well fed little Bulldawgs are in bed now and I have lost my husband to football games I don’t care about so I have finally updated Big Binder’s Calendar.  Head over to check it out.  As usual, there are lots of great programs from Kent District Library.  The Mayor’s River Clean Up and Blandford Harvest festival should be great also – anything else I should add? Leave a comment and I will make sure to put it in the Calendar!



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4 responses to “Super (Lazy) Saturday

  1. You must have a super great job!

  2. oh man, you are truly super woman.

  3. Wow, that’s quite a busy schedule – yikes!

    I’m off to check out the calendar – looking for lots of fun ways to keep Becca amused this fall. 🙂

  4. Wow – it is a small world. Yes, I am getting to know Amy with our boys in the same class and us in the same neighborhood. 🙂 It’s funny you know her, too. She talks about the Mom’s Club quite a bit.

    Thanks for updating the calendar. I find it really helpful. In fact, I was thinking about either this afternoon or next Tuesday taking the boys to the GRAM. Have you been there? Is it okay to take small children, too? I would keep the smallest in a stroller so he is not everywhere, but the website pictures make it look so… um… shall I say… child unfriendly.

    But I would love to go (for free) and I think it would be good for the kiddos to see. Just looking for another mom’s thoughts. Keep up the great site and I am sure we will “bump” into each other again (besides blogs). 🙂

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