Country Day Homeschool

We sent A.P. to 3 year old preschool and debated for a long time about whether to send Maybelle this year.  Ultimately, we decided against it.  This doesn’t mean that she will hang out and do nothing for a year.  I am working on a preschool ‘homeschool’ curriculum for her and a snack program that includes all the cupcakes we want.

I also decided my school needed a name.  For some reason, I have always liked “Detroit Country Day”.  This was the name of the only school that ever beat my high school at Michigan Junior Classical League competitions.  What is the MJCL? I don’t know what it is today; but back then it was a bunch of uppity kids who decide not only to take Latin, but travel around the state trying to speak it.  As far as the obvious and completely fair question of “Why in the world did you join the MJCL instead of moping around or toilet papering houses like normal high school kids?” I cannot offer an answer. 

I am naming Maybelle’s preschool “Country Day Homeschool“, but I will not charge myself $8,920 a year tuition. No; this will be done on the cheap.  She may, however, be required to wear plaid jumpers though.  They’re really stinkin’ cute.

Look for lesson plans in the near future; school starts Monday!



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3 responses to “Country Day Homeschool

  1. Hee! I love this! My 4 yo will be at preschool this year, and my almost 3 yo will be home with me, so I’d love to see what your curriculum will look like! Now I want to go make a plaid jumper for my little girl!

  2. Please post your lesson plans, I am really on the look out for some ideas!

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