Things I Love Thursday

We are on day three of Young Fives; so far so good.  We attended about a million open houses and orientations which resulted in mounds of paper.  I completed all of the forms and started reading through the booklets, handbooks, and guidelines when I came across some very disturbing information. 

  • No cupcakes allowed.  Not even on birthdays. 
  • Snacks are not communal; everyone brings their own. 

This totally throws me off my game.  For the past two years I have taken great pleasure in matching the classroom theme to the snack A.P. brought in on his day to be the ‘special helper’.  I got really carried away.  The pinnacle of this thematic snack madness was during some nautical theme for which I had such a complex snack I had to enlist my husband’s help to assemble.  I have blocked out the details, but it involved a cupcake, two types of frosting, and gummy worms AND fish.

Not one to miss an opportunity to complicate my life, Maybelle and I went to Horrocks the first day of school and bought about $30 worth of dried fruit, nuts, and other snacks.  This is all along the wall in Horrocks that is behind the bulk candy. That day for lunch we had a sampler platter.  We tried the following:

  • dried bananas
  • dried papaya
  • dried cantaloupe
  • date pieces
  • dried cherries
  • pumpkin seeds
  • dried vegetable mix
  • honey sesame sticks
  • spicy sesame sticks
  • almonds
  • walnuts
  • peanuts

We also tried combinations.  We came up with snack combos (typically a fruit and a nut) and this is what I have started packing for A.P.’s daily snack.  The benefit with this individual-snacking system is that we don’t have to worry about allergies.  I gave my kids eggs, honey, and peanut butter at about 8 months and didn’t have any problems, so we’re very fortunate that way.

Although I will miss the snack preparation process, I love having healthy and interesting snacks for my kids on hand.  For more Things I Love Thursday, head over to The Diaper Diaries.


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8 responses to “Things I Love Thursday

  1. Lily’s school is the same way. Individual snacks AND a packed lunch. I am going to come up with some complicated snack and lunch system that is going to revolutionalize the WORLD.

  2. I have six kiddies. Two years ago at one school they changed to only store bought cupcakes with ingredients listed on the package. Also for their snacks they are only allowed fruit or vegetables! Oh come on…a granola bar???? Pleeeeeazzzeeee!

  3. Jackie

    It is a good thing his school is not nut free! You would have a whole other problem there. BTW: Can I have some trail mix? It sounds like you bought enough to share! Next time stop on over on your way from dropping off. I am probably still in PJ’s and my kids will still be sleeping, but Maybelle would have the playroom to herself!

  4. I had a hard time getting used to the “bring your own snack” last year too but it turned out well after we discovered Noah’s red dye allergy. his teacher “accidentally” let him have some yesterday and the afternoon was VERY rough. I guess we’ll have to chat again. We haven’t been to Horrock’s in awhile. Maybe it’s time to go again.

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  6. I can’t send anything even processed in a plant that may or may not have nuts.
    I have to store buy cupcakes from a nut-free bakery.

  7. You can’t even send something special for birthdays? That’s stinky. Individual snacks are quite nice though, and we’ve become pretty creative with some things.

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