5 responses to “Early Childhood Essentials at KDL

  1. As a two-week veteran of kindergarten parenting (hee hee), I can tell you that the first day is the hardest. I was counting the minutes until I could go get Luke! It’s been much easier/better since then. Hope the same is true for you:)

  2. Silly Sister-in-law

    Tell A.P. we are proud of him as well as his cousins!
    By now you have survived another milestone with A.P.! Hope he had a great first day of school, just remember to send him again tomorrow!!

  3. Now I’m sad because my sons have officially outgrown the laptimes.

  4. I feel your pain, sista! First day here too, and Abby jumped onto the school bus without hesitation. At school, she ran into the classroom with a small backwards wave and never looked back. Sigh – Mark and I were the only ones crying!

    I went to three of the Early Childhood Essentials seminars this summer (the only one on your list that I attended is the Play-Grow-Read seminar). They were good and informative!

  5. I thought I might cry at the sight of my big 1st grader standing in line with all the other kids waiting to go into school yesterday….nope, not one tear. I am loving the quiet house that I forgot about. Although today it’s a little too quiet, I think I might have to find a hobby.

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