Menu Plan Monday


I’ve been in Lovely Lansing this weekend visiting my sister in her cute new house.  We went to Impression 5 Museum, Aladdin’s Restaurant (mmm-mujadara) for lunch, then to the Great Lakes Folk Festival. Lots of cool stuff there, but the highlight was listening to Wylie and the Wild West and watching the kids run around in the grass and dance.  Then we had a delicious dinner of ribs, salad and sweet potato fries.  I’m still kinda full.

I’m putting up a lot of food this week, so dinners will have to be easy.  I hope to tackle beans, corn and peaches. 


Pizza – Easy; I have a loaf of frozen bread dough that I’ll thaw and just put on canned sauce, shredded cheese and our favorite toppings which are olives, pepperoni, banana peppers and bacon.  I’m trying to create some frozen peach desert too.


Chicken Noodle Soup – Another easy meal.  I have a frozen rotisserie chicken that I’ll de-bone and shred, then toss it in with carrots, celery, and some rice or noodles.  I have some home-made chicken stock in the freezer so this should be a breeze.


Breakfast For Dinner – I caved for a really good sale on pre-made hashbrowns a few weeks ago so I’ll dig those out of the freezer; try and ‘scatter, smother and cover’ them (any Waffle House fans out there?!) and serve them with eggs.  We’ll have some fresh fruit also.


Red Beans and Rice with Sausage – I have red beans and sausage in the freezer from last week when our friends 3inunder3 were visiting.  At that time we made dirty rice and had a low country boil.  It turned out pretty well, but the best part was that the meal was served very, very late in part because we had to take a lot of breaks to dance.  Honestly, the most fun I’ve ever had making dinner.

For tonight’s meal, I’ll just defrost the beans and sausage, and make the rice.  I will also brown an onn-yon (that’s my best Cajun accent.  It’s very, very bad.) and add it all together with some of this Creole Seasoning.  I’m hoping for a Zatarain’s-type experience.


Date night – something delicious, expensive and fancy for us; and something easy for the kids.

Check out Laura’s Blog for more menu plans.



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6 responses to “Menu Plan Monday

  1. sounds like a yummy week!!!

    Enjoy your week! 🙂

  2. I need to dance while I cook more often. I’ve been asking for an under cabinet radio for a while now!

  3. Sounds good! Here’s an easy recipe for mujadara that you could use if you want to replicate the dish from the restaurant.

  4. I am concerned about you and your date night. I saw a sign up at Scooters that it was for sale 😦

  5. I want to dance and eat your food!

  6. Momof3

    We’re gonna hit Impressions 5 on our way through Lansing on Thursday. Never been there–any tips? About how long did you spend there?

    Interestingly, our families must be on a parallel travel plan as my father is also in Alaska and I am looking forward to the weekend with my sister 🙂

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