Sanctuary Sunday

The fact that I love food, and recipes, and kitchen ‘stuff’, and cooking is not new.  I have tried to simplify this area of my life by using really well-intentioned programs like “Saving Dinner“.  It couldn’t be easier; you get an entire menu plan complete with recipes, and a shopping list!

It was not for me.  I came to understand that I love creating menus, and meals, and and that constantly adding to my cooking skill set was sometimes a burden, but without a doubt a passion.  Not surprisingly, I love Williams- Sonoma.  It is ridiculously overpriced and I almost never buy anything there , but I love being in the store. Since I usually have my kids with me at the mall, I typically skip it because I fear I would become so engrossed in some lovely copper-bottom pots I wouldn’t notice Maybelle rearranging an entire display of cooking spoons or A.P. trying to pole vault over a case of mixers with a broom. 

Because of this, I missed entirely the fact that there are cooking demonstrations, product techniques, and technique classes.  Did you hear me? I said technique classes! And they are free. Yes I know that some of you can’t even fathom spending more time on meal preparation than absolutely necessary, but for those of you that do, click on the Williams-Sonoma website and go to store locator.  Then stop by your local store for the calendar of events.  

Now you’re all set.  Have a mall playdate all by yourself.  Hold your head up high and walk right past that noisy play area and straight to Williams-Sonoma.  Go ahead, learn how to julienne a cucumber.  Who cares if it’s for a 3 year old’s lunch and will be drowned in ranch dressing; this is time well spent.



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3 responses to “Sanctuary Sunday

  1. Can they come cook at my house for me?

  2. If you do not take me when you go, you are dead to me. I have a gift certificate that I need to spend too

  3. I would love to do this! And didn’t know about it…thanks for the info. I’ll check it out soon.

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