Things I Love Thursday

There are many things I cherish about being a mother.  In fact, I am sure that is the best thing I have ever done in my life.  I am not sure it is the best thing I have ever done to my body.  I was not one of those delicate-looking pregnant people; I was a size jumbo.  I had the same labor, both times.  Water breaking in the middle of the night, a cervix dilated to a big fat zero, and then more pitocin than anyone was really comfortable with until finally (24 hours with the first, and a breezy 12 with the second) I PUUUUUUUSHED them out .  I had two 9 pounders and breast-fed them both. 

Even getting (most of) the baby weight off finally did not put my body back to it’s previous state.  There’s that… other issue.  The one we all know about, we all joke about, and don’t really know what to do about.  Yes my friends, it’s what I will indelicately call the “I Pee A Little When I Laugh” issue.  Although there are some dads (including mine, but fortunately he is in Alaska and will miss this post) and adoptive parents that read this blog, I know that many of us, well, you know.  The pee thing.

I was contacted to see if I was interested in writing about a product that can help with what they very clinically and much in a much more grown up way refer to as ‘Light Bladder Leakage’.  This is of course the worst when you are actually pregnant and a little person is sitting (or kicking) your bladder.  Poise has a pad for that.  After pregnancy, when things ease up, there are different strength pads as well.  Check the Poise website for more information about different products.  They are all worthy of Things I Love Thursday.

Because this can be such an embarassing issue to talk about, Kimberly Clark, the maker of Poise, has joined with the Women’s Health Foundation to start eliminating the stigma of talking about it.  A good (and kind of fun) first step you can take is to visit the WHF website.  While you’re there, play a gave called “Welcome to Peeville”.  You’ll also get some great information and tips, as well as more resources.  I’m happy to do my part in getting this dialogue started!



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3 responses to “Things I Love Thursday

  1. Going immediately over to play “Welcome to Peeville.”

  2. so funny! Definitely did not have much trouble in this department after M’s little 7 lb 6 oz body came out, but after C’s 9 1/2 pound chub of a body came out super fast with the vacuum, I seriously wonder if my bladder and every other part in that area will ever be the same!

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