7 responses to “VBS Dropout

  1. I have heard about people starting the week before. Aaron gets around 6:30 every morning and has since the day he was born so I will just let him wake Noah up rather than shush him when school starts. that should do the trick. I am more worried about breakfast with Noah. He takes so long that we were late so much last year that we got a letter from the principal telling us all the problems with chronic tardiness. That is the reason I am stressing the start of school.

  2. I am eagerly awaiting everyone’s comments 🙂

  3. hotomom

    Gosh you are lucky. I haven’t even heard from our teacher yet and she starts in 4 weeks. Seriously what happened to our supply list and the meeting for parents. It’s not like she has a ton of students. I am extremely organized and would appreciate it if our little P-4 teach could get her act together. There I am done.

    I wish my kids slept till 8 in the summer. When school starts though I am sure I will be dragging them out of bed. It’s hard to change routine it reminds me of a time change week.

  4. adventuremom

    Where did you guys decide to go to school? Did you get into CC? I still have to register J into his new school. I am so behind. Finally got a new backpack today.

  5. E

    We’re making them go to bed at 9 this week, then back to 8:30 next (our school starts on Aug 13). Guess we should start making them get up when Daddy goes to work, huh….

  6. We have the same problem, although it’s mostly me not wanting to get up 🙂 I think about a week and a half before school starts we’ll be getting up early to practice. One thing I learned with slow breakfast eaters is that we use the timer. We use it a lot actually. I have one set on my cell phone for when we have to leave the house, and when it goes off she drops everything and is ready to go.

  7. This is the first year that we’ve ever had to worry about this, since the girls were always in daycare before and we got up at the same time every morning year-round. I’m the one that’s having a hard time now though – staying up way too late and sleeping in late… I’m afraid that it’s going to be a difficult ‘back-to-school’ time for me, much less the kids! We’ll probably go the ‘rip the band-aid off’ route. 🙂

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