I Heart Hartwell

I love the mayor of Grand Rapids.  Although his environmental record really should be what wins me over, it’s not.  He’s just very cool, and he loves our city.  Perhaps he is my soulmate. 

I also love book clubs, and the library, as I think anyone reading Big Binder for more than a few minutes would gather (if not; see here, here, here, here, and here). Now there is yet another reason I am trying to become president of George Heartwell’s fan club:  The Mayor’s Reading Club for Kids.  According to the City of Grand Rapids website (which recently underwent a makeover and looks pretty sweet), ”

Each month, the Mayor and Library staff will visit a different preschool, library branch or elementary school in Grand Rapids. They Mayor will read a book to the children, usually by a Michigan-based author, and library staff will lead a book-related event. Some months, the author of the book, or a representative from a related community organization will also be on hand. Each classroom will be given a copy of the book and each child will receive a “I Read with the Mayor’ button, a bookmark with all of the Mayor’s Book Club selections listed, and a library card application.

You can read more about it here.  The Mayor’s Book Club for Kids launches  Friday, August 8 at 10:00 am at the Main Library.  I will be the one applauding too loud and possibly even crying.  Just ignore me, and say thanks to George on my behalf if I become too emotional for words.



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3 responses to “I Heart Hartwell

  1. Did you know that he is also an ordained minister? We had him as a guest speaker at a church a little while ago. The man has an amazing heart and I believe that if all “politicians” were like him, we would all be in better shape. I just may join you.

  2. I will be the one in the back pretending not to know the crazy lady 🙂

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