6 responses to “Tune In At 10:00

  1. crap, crap, crap. Even after the reminded I missed it. Did you tape it? Were you brillian?

  2. Oh I wish I’d seen this before 10pm! Oh well… I’m sure you were great!

  3. I wish I had read this last night…I so would have watched! I do have a copy of the first news report on my DVD shelf. I totally forgot about the keep it clean comment. Thanks for the props on my report…I remember trying so hard not to sound too ridiculous that day, that and riding on the bouncy see-saw for what seemed like forever. Hopefully you taped last night…I think we should have a MOMS Night viewing!

  4. goodideamomma

    I didn’t see the live version, but it is on Fox 17’s website. You had a nice blub and Lauren sure had a lot of camera time! Cute and congrats!

  5. I just watched you and your super star daughter on the Fox 17 website! WOW!

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