Beat the Summer Spike

I can’t even fathom why this is true, but television viewing by children goes up 150% in the summer. I suppose it is because they are not in school, but seriously? Do they just sit and watch TV? That’s sad. There is too much to do in the summer. Winter is another story; that’s when we pack in most of our quality programming along with lots of other junk. 

TV isn’t a big focal point for us around here.  The TV is in the basement, and not only do we have minimal cable, we are getting rid of that too (more on that soon).  Even so, I like what I am learning about the Smart Television Alliance.  I don’t think I need to harp on inactivity, childhood obesity, or even my favorite subject; aggressive marketing to children. 

Now the Smart Television Alliance is sponsored by TiVo, so don’t be suprised that Tivo-ing through commercials and watching only educational programming is one of the suggestions.  Just don’t forget that we can do it with a..a.. what are those old-fashioned thingys called again? Oh yeah, a VCR

Read up about the E/I (“educational”) programming section here.  It’s one of the topics we talked about at the presentation from GRIID and it’s interesting and a little scary.  OK really quite scary. 

There are recommendations by age group, which I think are generally pretty good.  I would of course add Blues Clues and Super Why. The one I disagree with in the 3-6 range is Extreme Makeover Home Edition, and that’s because it is product placement-city. And also because I can’t stand Ty Pennington.  Ty, what won’t you endorse?

The best part is a blog which offers suggestions for crafts and activities for kids to do as an alternative to watching TV or more accurately, watching more TV.  They are ‘inspired by’ kids favorite shows, so they get a theme going which of course I love. 

I’d proceed with some caution here; there is some good information and activities but it’s still pretty pro-TV which doesn’t really jive with my parenting style. But the themes, now we might be talking about something I can work with here…



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3 responses to “Beat the Summer Spike

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  2. I definetely second Super Why! Man I love that show.

  3. I know TV watching around here with my 5 year old has gone up. Course, we hardly ever watched it before, and we watch only DVDs because we don’t actually have a signal coming into the house, but there has still been an increase.

    But it isn’t because my boys are out of school; they aren’t in school yet anyway. It’s because the mosquitoes around here have been so awful that even bug spray doesn’t keep them off! It’s too hot to wear long sleeves, but even with bug spray my 16 month old looks like he has chicken pox.

    We read books, do crafts, all that fun stuff. But the screen is on for at least two hours every day now whereas it was less than 1/2 hour in the spring:)

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