Eat Local, Again

Remember my Eat Local Challenge from last fall? I haven’t forgotten about it, but I did stop blogging about it.  Imagine my excitement when my Aunt emailed me an article in Hour Detroit Magazine about a woman who went on a ‘100 Mile Diet’ last year. The part that really stood out to me were the dollars.  Frank Turner, a chef, said that,

“If we all spent $10 a week on Michigan products,we could put $36 million every week back into the state’s economy.”

36 Million Dollars.  EVERY WEEK.  Also in her email were two lists of Michigan food products.  Some of these companies are on the East side of the state and frankly, I didn’t even know about them.  First was a list of specialty products.  Click here for the whole list which includes essential oils, vita spelt, and free range buffalo among other things.  The other list, of non-specialty items I guess, is nicely put together on another blog, which you can view by clicking here.  In fact, I ate about half a bag of Garden Fresh Chips just last night while watching the Most Dramatic Rose Ceremony Ever.  Always happy to help.


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3 responses to “Eat Local, Again

  1. Why, is the Bachelorette a Michigan product? 🙂

  2. E

    Can’t believe it was Jesse! I thought for sure it would be Jason, even though I never liked him for some reason.

  3. Today, I not only ate local, I ate local right off the tree.

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