A friend of mine died on Monday. 

He loved music more than anyone else I know.  He was gentle.  He was fun.  He drove the bookmobile. He loved going to the Student Housing apartments at Western Michigan University because the kids were so cute when he brought them books, and the moms brought him food from their homelands, wherever that happened to be. 

I can’t believe I have to write about him in past tense.  He used to have an ancient cat named Eleanor, but she died too.  She was old though.  He was young.  I am stunned, and sad, and I’m going to fall apart when I see his little brother and other friends tomorrow. This post isn’t going to make sense, because I can’t make sense of Dale’s death…  I learned of his death yesterday, but when my Dad read me the obituary from the paper today, I couldn’t get my head around the fact that it was really Dale he was talking about. I am happy thinking of memories but so sad that there won’t be anymore, ever again.




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10 responses to “Sad

  1. Oh, I am so sorry for your loss. It is so difficult when we lose people so young and unexpectedly.

  2. Again, I am so sorry. I think it’s extremely difficult to come to terms with such an unexpected loss. Best wishes to you as you meet with the family/friends to reflect on such a great guy.

  3. Silly Sister-in-law

    So sorry for your loss Jen, we also had a death this week as well, my 2nd cousin died two days ago (whom I really do not know), she was only 22 years old, recently engaged two weeks ago, finishing college and had plans to go camping this weekend with a new camper they just bought last weekend. My prayers are with you, we are given one life to live, I pray daily that we are all healthy, happy, and safe and live it as if we have no tomorrow. – Jil

  4. So sorry to hear that.

  5. jillle

    Oh Jen, I’m so sorry. I’ll put you in my prayers as you deal with this.

  6. Its amazing when somebody touches your life like that. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  7. Momof3

    I am so sorry to hear about this. It is hard to understand unexpected loss.
    I have a favorite website I visit at such times. It tells the story of the dragonfly, which has been a source of comfort and hope to me after the loss of my mom. The project offers a beautiful card you can send to a grieving friend. It is:

    You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. E

    Jen, I’m sorry about your loss. It can feel like a punch in the stomach, can’t it? 😦

  9. It seems like we’re losing a lot of really good people lately…way too soon. I’m sorry.

  10. It seems like we’re losing a lot of really good people lately…way too soon. I’m sorry.

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