’tis a gift to be simple

A few years ago, I used the Belief-O-Matic to determine which religion I was most closely aligned with.  Much to my surprise, I was not Catholic, but Quaker.  It was suggested that my general pro-peace beliefs were a big factor, and I’m sure it was.  I think there was more the Belief-O-Matic picked up though.  I like pretty simple things, as it turns out.

As my sister and I set sail on the Vesper Cruise last week, I told her that this was the kind of thing that makes me feel like I am living the good life.  Since then, I have been thinking this week about creating a master list of my “Livin’ the Good Life” experiences.  It ended up being about one per month, which is very handy, and also gives me something to look forward to.  It’s always only 4 more weeks to something fun!

So here it is, my secret to happiness. Simplicity, gratitude, tradition, anticipation, and wine. That last one might disqualify me from the whole Quaker thing though.

January– MLK Day.  I wish Grand Rapids did a better job celebrating this man’s life, but my beloved town’s lacking in this area has created an opportunity for me to do it myself.

February– I am stumped.  Other than Free Pancake Day at IHOP, what  happens in February? This is my least favorite month, and now I know why.  I have nothing to look forward to! Note to self: plan a party next year.  Not like anyone else has anything good to do in February either.

March – Women’s Expo.

April – Our Easter party.  Sometimes, Easter is in March and I am bummed because it’s still too cold to have an egg hunt. Note to self: get with the Pope on making Easter always fall in April if he is still speaking to me after quoting a Quaker Song on my blog.

MayMother Daughter Tea at our church.

June – Vesper Cruise.

July – the National Baby Food Festival.  I’ve gone three years in a row now and I’m not going to stop until my kids beg me not to make them go anymore.

August – My kids’ birthdays are three days apart, and they get their Free Birthday Burgers from Red Robin the same week.  This is the cheapest meal out, ever.

SeptemberVineyard Tour at Fenn Valley.

OctoberFood, Wine, and All that Jazz.  The most expensive thing on my list; I realized I need to save my pennies and make this happen because I absolutely love this event.

November – A few tasty bottles of Beaujolais Nouveau.

December – The night before Christmas, at my Dad’s house.  It’s just fun.

What does the Good Life mean to you? Anyone want to create a year long list too?  Extra bonus point question – what does the Belief-O-Matic say about you?




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6 responses to “’tis a gift to be simple

  1. Good life to me = being home with my kids, despite it being challenging some of the time (that’s why there’s wine for when they’ve gone to bed!).
    Belief-o-matic declares me unitarian followed closely by quaker.
    Love this idea of the monthly “look forward to it” list. I know things go better for me when I have that carrot waiting for me. Great, thought provoking post.

  2. Jackie

    I’m thinking in honor of Valentine’s Day, we should honor all things CHOCOLATE in February. I know ALOT of people who would love to celebrate with you…

  3. I’m a unitarian too! UUs Unite! 🙂

  4. What do you know?! I am a Unitarian, three!! Which I discovered from taking the Belief-O-Matic quiz. I am so grateful, because I had no idea and now I realize there is a whole philosophy/religion created just for me. I was Liberal Quaker 2nd.


  5. So…I put off doing the belief – o – matic, and finally did it the other night. Aparently I should be 100% Unitarian Universalism followed closely by a Liberal Quaker at 99%, but I truely can see it knew what I was talking about in my answers as I was put as a Secular Humanism follower for #3.

    My good life is going out to CO every summer for a week and a half to reconnect with Brad. We talk for most of the 19 hour car trip and then some while we’re out there. But it’s a time for us to slow down and focus on us – and anytime we get to do that throughout the year is the good life!

  6. kat

    Wow! I just took this test thinking I’d get Unitarian (which I am) but UU came in third. Apparently I’m Neo-Pagan? Hmmm.
    Great blog 🙂

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