Menu Plan Monday

It’s been an interesting journey into the Milk and Dairy portion of my food pyramid improvement plan.  I thought the changes would be minimal, since my whole family generally likes dairy products.  I have been doing quite a bit of reading about ‘whole’ food (not to be confused with Whole Foods) and have switched to whole milk for the entire family.  Here is a good post for rookies like myself about dairy if you’d like to read more. Please don’t tell my kids’ pediatrician, as it will surely evoke the “childhood obesity” speech.

We also have switched to full-fat sour cream and cheeses.  We now use whipping cream instead (the kind that comes in the tiny milk carton) of whipped cream, and just use plain, unsweetened yogurt – not vanilla – and mix in a tablespoon or so of jam.


Lasagna with meat sauce(sauce is already frozen, made with ground turkey).  I have a box of whole wheat lasagna noodles and I’ll just follow the recipe on the box.

Served with green beans.


Crock Pot Chuck Eye Roast, served with Garbanzo Beans and Rice from the Simple Cajun Life. 


Grilled Swordfish was on sale a few weeks ago so I’m going to try it out in this recipe.  I’ll have PB&J handy in case it isn’t a big hit.  I will serve with grilled potatoes and onions from Our own International Multiples Club.


Ham and cheese omelets, served with fresh fruit.


Vericheesey Casserole.  I made this a few weeks ago and it was a big hit.  My kids love anything with “Eat A Mommy” (edamame) beans in it!

Another dish I made a few weeks ago was Jicama Mango Slaw from Cheap Healthy Good.  It was amazing, in my opinion and “pretty good” in everyone else’s.  It just has a really different and tasty combination of flavors.  I found jicama at Horrocks, but with the many Hispanic grocery stores around it shouldn’t be too hard to locate around town.

For more menu plans, head over to Laura’s Blog.



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13 responses to “Menu Plan Monday

  1. Alright!! I am so glad that somebody is not eating all that Low fat, no fat junk. I was told by my Chinese Medicine woman years ago to skip all that and I try to almost faithfully. I was buying 2% milk for the boys, but I think i will just switch it back to whole. Also, great idea for the plain yogurt with jam. I hadn’t thought of that but had been buying organic vanilla. There are so many dyes and sugar in flavored yogurt!

  2. oh yes, I do have a question for you…do you have any suggestions as to where to get cheese that is natural/dye free for a decent price? That is my next mission. I bought some at Horrocks but didn’t know if you have any other resources. Sorry for the long comments, probably should have been a PM.

  3. Mmmm…. looks like a yummy week. I will check out the link on milk – been doing a little research on that lately too.
    Have a great week!

  4. I get our non-organic, hormone free, grassfed milk from a local dairy that does home delivery.

    It is the best tasting milk I have ever had!

    Thanks for all of the great reading and your menu looks so wonderful!

    Have a great week.

  5. yummy menu!

    Interesting article about milk! I might rethink us buying 2% milk and go back to doing whole milk when I buy WIC. I am not sure that I could handle though purchasing milk at $4 +/gallon though by getting organic whole milk for my family. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  6. I hope you enjoy the potatotes. They are one of our favorite side dishes. Our picky 4 year olds will even eat this one.

    I miss jicama! I loved it dipped in yogurt. I have not found it here in France yet.

  7. Jackie

    Perhaps we can all chip in and purchase a dairy cow for Stacey’s Hobby Farm!

  8. Yum! Looks like a great menu and a great week! That jicama mango salad looks delish . . .

    We’ve also gone full fat dairy (well, I was always a full fat dairy kind of gal but bought lowfat milk and my hubby argued for low-fat dairy – but he is now losing that battle), primarily organic, and I’m actually thinking about going raw dairy (f0r milk and cream). Still investigating . . .

    Have a great day!


  9. I hope you enjoy the garbonzo beans and rice. My kids loved it.

    I would switch to whole milk but I grew up on skim milk (my mom was a fitness nut of the 80s) so I can not stand the taste of anything but skim. The kids and hubby drink 2% though.

  10. Okay, I’m slow on the uptake…how do you plan these menus – I mean, when to you actually make these dishes. Plus, do you plan and then shop or shop and then plan? Dish on the dishes, please.
    Menuless in Northern Virgina
    (psst, it’s really me, Amy)

  11. Your menu sounds yummy!
    ♥Have a blessed week!

  12. I could not be more confused about this milk thing. I have massive textural and taste issues with anything but skim and I found that “beginners” blog article to be ultra confusing. Help?

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