Been There, Done That, Bought the Tube Top

I mentioned that I regretted acquiring tickets to the drag races for today.  As we were pulling in to the track, and my husband was excitedly telling me about the “Christmas Tree” (it’s a little tree-shaped set of lights on the track that tells you when the racers are ready to go, and if they’ve taken off too fast) I realized that the rest of my family was going to LOVE this, and I’d better get my head in the game (or race).

We parked, and as we were walking towards the bleachers we heard the cars starting to roar.  My husband told us to put our headphones on and earplugs in, because it was about to get REAL loud.  He told us that the puffs of smoke coming out of the cars were the engines releasing nitrous.  Then – they took off. IT WAS AWESOME!!!

Much to my suprise I was completely taken with the entire scene.  It was loud, yes, and at times even shook us a little. The cars were going so fast they had to use parachutes to stop.  We even saw one crash.  It was exciting and two hours went by in about a minute.  It was very hot, and the tank top/Bud Light combo I snobbishly rejected at first was starting to make good sense after a while. 

My “Something to Make Saturday” suggestion was going to be a little wooden kit we got from Michaelsin the $1 section.  There are boats, cars, and I think a birdhouse to choose from. The kit includes paint, glue and all of the pieces you need.  It’s very inexpensive and I think it’s really good for kids to do multi-staged projects. For example, one night you paint all of the pieces, then the next night you glue it together.  It teaches process and patience.  Fortunately, A.P. chose a racecar a few days ago, so that came with us to the track today.  He made the car ‘race’ down the bleachers and even crashed it when the real car crashed.  Neither car is in great condition, nor are they beyond repair. A little Bondo for the big car and glue for the little one, and both will be on their way again soon.

I asked my husband if we were weird for eating a vegan lentil casserole for dinner one night, then taking our kids to the drag races the next night. He said no; we’re just “very well rounded” 🙂



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6 responses to “Been There, Done That, Bought the Tube Top

  1. Well rounded indeed. But this really shouldn’t surprise you. Don’t all first cousins who marry love to go to the races?

  2. I am very impressed with your adaptation! If I catch you in drag race gear (halter, boots with tassels, stone washed jeans) I will have to rescue you!

  3. Jackie

    I’m telling you, fast cars are fun! My oldest will be racing in 3 years! Grandpa promised her a Go-Kart when she was born and I don’t mean the ones that you can buy at Walmart! If intrigued, go to

  4. I actually was trying to decided whether to subject myself to that for the sake of the boys. I guess now maybe I have to.

  5. I love that – well rounded! That’s the aim, right? Expose yourself and your children to as many activities and walk of life as possible.


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