The Weekend

In the spirit of lazy lions, it’s been a very low-key week at my house.  We made the lion puppets, and they were named “Trick” and “Skort” (?).  We made the cookies, but they were eaten so quickly I could not even get the camera out fast enough. The cubs and I stuck close to the den, which is very uncharacteristic of us especially in the summer.  I forget to slow down sometimes, but I remembered this week, and it was incredibly fun for all of us. 

We went to the Zoo(Trick and Skort, too) yesterday, but the line for the Lion Exhibit was very, very long. The wait estimate was about an hour. No one my family waits in lines very well, so we decided to come back another day. 

This morning we made it to Millenium Park beach for a few hours.  I must say; the difference between taking a 1 and 3 year old to the beach and a taking a 2 and 4 year old to the beach is HUGE! A year has made it way easier.

This weekend, we will be around town at a few things, then headed down to Kalamazoo to visit Grandpa Binder, and Great Grandma Binder.  I picked up some tickets to the Drag Races so we’ll swing by the racetrack in Martin on the way down.  Why did I pick up tickets to a drag race, you ask? That is a very good question. It’s because they were free, and I thought that A.P. and Mr. Binder could go together.  I am not a race fan of any sort, especially the noisy sort.  Had I known I would actually have to go I would have just left those free tickets right there on the counter at Pizza Hut.

Hopefully the weekend has more in store for you than drag races (unless that is your thing, then by all means, drag away).  If you are looking for something to do, head over to Big Binder’s calendar, freshly updated.  Have a good weekend!



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3 responses to “The Weekend

  1. I imagine we will hit Millenium Park a bunch this week too. I actually bought a season pass this year. And I agree, a 3 and almost 6 year old are a joy to take. Even last year it was a little bit of a struggle.

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