Another Summer Book Club

Schuler Books & Musickicks off its Summer Reading Club, “Have Book, Will Travel” this Saturday, June 7.  Here’s how it works:  From June 7 to August 15th, you pick up a Summer Reading Club form at a Schuler Books store.  If your child is old enough to read and between Kindergarten and 8th Grade, they can earn up to three $5.00 Schuler gift certificates.  For each 20 age-appropriate book they read, they will complete one form that can be exchanged for a $5.00 gift certificate.  There is ‘extra credit’ for long books over 200 pages – that counts as 2 books.

If your child is unable to read, you can also participate in the “Read To Me Club”.  Rather than a $5.00 gift certificate, the child can choose a book from a box stashed behind the counter in the children’s section.  I don’t know how many you have to read to your child for this program.

 There are recommended reading lists available at the stores, but the books can be from home, or the library as well.  This is a great program! I picked up a flyer and talked with the folks in the children’s section at the 28th Street store but couldn’t find very much detail on the website.  It’s the same program at all locations (Alpine Ave and Downtown locations, and also Lansing and Okemos as well).  Between this and the library programs, we’ll all be very well-read by the end of the summer 🙂



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7 responses to “Another Summer Book Club

  1. We’ve done this program with Clare for the past 2 summers, and it’s FABULOUS! With us reading to her she was able to get some great books for free. Towards the end of the summer their selection wasn’t that great, so read fast!

  2. We love doing this along with the public library’s summer reading program!

    Did you know that Barnes and Nobles has a summer reading program too?? Read 8 books get a free book. Here is a link to it….

  3. 20 book is quite a lot for a Kindergartener though. I guess no, when you consider it is all summer. Might as well get something out of all this reading we do 🙂

  4. Hmm…I will have to look into this. Although, I wonder if reading the same book 50 times in one week will count for anything. I swear, my kids get stuck in a rut. This week it’s the Sesame Street counting to 100 book. You can imagine how much fun it is to read and count to 100 again and again.

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