Menu Plan Monday

I am moving up the food pyramid again, this time up to milk, yogurt and cheese.  I have already been dabbling in soaking my grains before cooking them.  The oatmeal is awesome. The bread, not so awesome. More like trying to cook with wet sand.  I think this is an easy category for my family, since we could eat cheese all day every day but we’ll see what happens.  Maybe I’ll try and make yogurt again, although that was very unsuccessful last time.


Turkey Lentil Chili from Down Home Dieting.  She is nice enough to include Weight Watchers points in her recipe which is fantastic because not only have I fallen off the wagon, it is starting to run over me at this point.  We’ll also have a corn on the cob. We also have some apples and cherries that are going to get mushy soon, so I’ll use them up with this Apple Cherry Crisp.


Crock Pot Chicken Teryakifrom A Year of Crock-Potting.  Yes, a whole year! This is one inspired crock-potter.  I will served it with Basic Brown Rice.  You’ll notice it calls for soaking the rice in kefir.  Everything in my house is soaked in kefir these days. I’m a woman obsessed.  What is kefir? Good luck with that one. It’s a yogurt-y, buttermilk-ish substance that is good for your gut.


Corn chowder from last week (it made a ton so I froze it) and Carrot Orzo from My Family Table, along with a mixed greens salad.  I bought some “Zesty Sprout Seeds” that I started soaking on Saturday, so hopefully these will be sprouted for the salad by today.


Dirty Rice from Living on Love, with the very last of the green beans in my freezer!  When is bean season again? I need some more! I have some pine nuts, so I will toast them and toss them in with the beans.


Lentil Casserole from Frugal Upstate with with Mediterranean Salad with Hummus Dressingfrom Kalyn’s Kitchen (but I originally found it via Mom in Mental Motion).

I’m also going to try these Honey Oat Cookies from Belinda Moore this week – I like the sound of that! I like the sound of anything that includes honey and is a cookie that can pass as healthy by cloaking itself in oats.  I don’t know what spelt flour is, or how to convert it from metric, but I will find a way…

For more Menu Plan Monday, head over to Laura’s Blog.



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6 responses to “Menu Plan Monday

  1. You MUST be reading Nourishing Traditions . . . it is something that I’ve been working on too! We don’t eat a ton of bread in my home so I haven’t any experience soaking flour for baked goods (yet) – still using store-bought whole grain bread and tortillas when we use them – but I’m working on soaking my grains and legumes and thinking about doing some pickling . . . making whey this week for the first time! Wish me luck!

    Looks like a great menu and a great week! The Apple Cherry Crisp looks fantastic . . . yum!

    Have a great week!


  2. PS – your link on orgjunkie is wrong; it links back to the orgjunkie post and not yours . . . just an fyi.

  3. Sounds like a yummy menu planned for this week! I am still working on mine for this week!

    For those that might be wanting an explanation more on what kefir is…Tammy over at Tammy’s Recipes talks about and even have some recipes to use it in….go here to read about it….

    Thanks for stopping by my place. As for the Air Zoo, even though it is expensive, I think it was worth the trip, especially with having boys that love planes. Also something else to keep in mind, most of the rides that are included in the admission fee have a height minimum on them. Several were 48 inches and a couple were 36 inches, any of the rides where there would be riders under the minimum could go accompanied with a parent.

    Enjoy your week!

  4. Hmmm….beans, lentils, beans….very healthy with all that good fiber!!

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  6. Bel

    Did you try the honey oat cookies? We’ve made them 4 or 5 times already and love them. Spelt flour is a type of wheat flour, supposedly more healthy than wheat. We’ve also used wholemeal wheat flour with good results. 🙂

    There are conversion sites online to convert from metric. Do your scales and measures have metric and imperial on them? Most of my cooking items do. 🙂

    Happy cooking, Bel

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