The Best News Since Hockey Season Ended

I know a few of you took advantage of the great deal my friend Jill told me about – the one where you could trade in a used Griffin’s ticket for a free service at Douglas J Aveda Institute

An event called, “The Mane Event”, brings back free haircuts for doing fun things with our kids.  According to GR Now and Grand Rapids Family Magazine, this event will be held Thursday, June 18 from 11:00am-3:00pm. **Correction: This is Thursday June 19th from 11:00am-3:00pm.**

You can go to the Zoo and see the new lions exhibit, which is brought to you by Bissell in case that fact somehow managed to escape you (but I doubt it…)

You can also visit the Douglas J. Aveda Institute for face painting and fun “mane”-styling for kids, and a little pampering for grown-ups.  Also, you can play at the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum and make a Lion Mane Mask to take home.

There is free parking at the Zoo and a trolley will be running  between all 3 locations with snacks and prizes. Here is the best part – receive a gift certificate for a complimentary haircut from the Douglas J Aveda Institute so kids and adults can come back and get their “manes” tamed!”

I hereby award Douglas J. Aveda Institute the Big Binder Community Involvement award.  I hereby award myself the right to make up awards as I see fit.

Tickets are $8 per person ages 2 years old and above.  Children under 2 are free. John Ball Zoo and GRCM Pals members receive $2 off.  That’s a lot for six bucks. Advance tickets are available. Call John Ball Zoo at (616) 336-4300 or visit the Douglas J Aveda Institute at 138 Commerce Ave. SW in downtown Grand Rapids.



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4 responses to “The Best News Since Hockey Season Ended

  1. AWESOME!!! I heart you Douglas J. If you were a real person, I would kiss you on the mouth right now.

  2. Elaine

    ACK! GR Family Magazine’s web site is Krap! FYI I couldn’t find the Mane Event on there. Everything just kept taking me to either blank event pages or a list of where you can get the paper magazine.

  3. Elaine – it was in the June issue (paper). Head over to GR Now. I’m sure it will be on GR Family’s website sooner or later, but it’s on GR Now, now.

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