Java Jive + Cold Turkey = JIVE TURKEY

Yes, it is Friday.  I’m a little off this week.  Wednesday was the rally, then Thursday, I did something really, really, REALLY stupid.

I ran out of coffee.

Please allow me to explain how the world is divided. First, it is divided into coffee and non-coffee drinkers.  I can’t even make sense of the people who don’t drink coffee, but I am open minded. I’m sure they lead very rich and full lives.  Second, it is divided into French Press people, and all other means of production, ranging from instant to good ole’ Mr. Coffee pots.

And last, and probably the most important is a subdivision of the French Pressers – those of us who grind beans in the store, and those of us who grind them at home.  I am in the latter group. There is another name for us:  addict.

I heard someone speak a few weeks back about managing stress, and she said that if we drink a lot of coffee we should try going without for three days and “see how tired we really are”.  I let my supply of beans run out and decided Thursday was my day.  I made it all the way until 10:00 AM, when I swung by Mc Donald’s for a little crutch.  I was tired (so she was right!) but hanging in there until about 4:00 when I hit the wall.  Hard.  The headache set in and I knew this was not going to work.  I mustered all of the energy I had and got myself to Dunkin’ Donuts, where I fixed myself up with a nice, hot coffee, and two bags of whole bean regular.

It wasn’t over.  My addiction was going to make me pay.  I finally surrendered and took way too much Tylenol and went to bed.  At 9:00. I wanted to read, but it hurt my eyeballs to move.  A horrible, shaky, nauseated night ensued and I still don’t even feel right today. You are too much for me coffee… I wish I knew how to quit you.

Other than that, I had a fantastic week last week. I found myself car-less on Saturday. Well, not really. I had a car, but no license, or keys. Those went to work with my husband. We walked down to the library, and picked a few books.  We stepped outside for the return trip home and found out that in the meantime, a little Alger Heights street party had been set up! It was great! All of the stores had samples and treats and goodies, and there was a fire truck, and face panting… the works! It was free and just a perfect suprise I would have missed had I been able to drive instead.

Sunday at church was memorable also. Our priest was addressing the high school graduates. He said two things. First, he said,

“this is your home. Please, come and visit when you can. Second, hold on to your heart. Don’t ever let anyone tell you it isn’t big enough, or good enough.  Your heart is where your God lives – don’t let go of it.”

I actually cried, and couldn’t help thinking of my own kids and praying that they get the same message when they first leave home. A few minutes later, A.P.’s WOW (Wee Ones Worship) class came out and sang for everyone. A.P. is great with sign language, as this was about the only way we could communicate with him for a few years. They did a sign language-ish (not really ASL, but cute kid stuff) thing with the song.  He was front and center!

Finally! Vindication for the Preschool Christmas program, where he was in back and not visible to us at all.  He did, however, know exactly where we were and peeked out to wave at us, because Maybelle yelled his name, and the name of all of his classmates, the entire time. After church we drove down to Binder Park Zoo. I love that place, and it was nice to be there on a perfectly sunny, but not hot day.

On Tuesday we had an appointment on the north side of town, so we stopped by  the new Super Wal-Mart.  The old, Not So Super Wal-Mart is being demolished, and the new store is right behind it. This causes kind of a parking problem so they have trolleys and golf carts to shuttle people from the parking lot to the store. It’s sweet.  My kids loved it, and I don’t shop there often but I totally would if they drove my lazy self right to my car every time!

I managed to cry only a little during the Preschool Picnic on Thursday, but that may have been due to wishing I had gotten a large coffee, rather than a medium.  Today we had a family picnic in a park for dinner, and tomorrow I am taking off to visit my sister in Lansing for a girls weekend and I am very excited about that.  Monday we will head up to Coopersville for the Troop Train, and we look forward to enjoying our first week of summer.  Head over to Big Binder’s Calendar for the latest in fun stuff!




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2 responses to “Java Jive + Cold Turkey = JIVE TURKEY

  1. I have never in my entire life had a cup of coffee and we are still friends. I pretty much don’t do caffeine in general. So no addiction problems here (outside of coupons, a good sale, guacamole, clothes shopping, etc.)

  2. You. ran. out. of. coffee?! Filters, okay (paper towels). Milk, okay (leftover from a sippie cup found under the couch). But coffee?

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