3 responses to “How’s It Hangin’?

  1. I’m assuming in your answer about the dampness you meant a dehumidifier to take the dampness out of the room. We put one in our laundry area and that REALLY helps. Another thing – for those that don’t have room for a clothesline – I use hangers hanging from the water pipes above. It works great, and I have to keep up with the clothes on the hangers because I can only have so many things hanging up.

  2. Okay…feel free to take over the challenge. 😉 Your answers are awesome. Mwaa!

  3. I’ve been thinking about doing line-drying again for awhile, but too many memories of being stung/bitten by random insects who though my jeans looked like a good place to nest has held me back. No more excuses… I’m gonna do it! Thanks for the interesting input:)

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