Garage Sales, Rallys, Teas… A Week In The Life

In the past week, we have made some cash in a garage sale, attended a Mother/Daughter tea at our church (well, two of us anyway), and went to “Get Up and Go!” at the YMCA. It’s been a good one!

The tea was wonderful.  I knew there were some pretty wonderful people at my church; what I didn’t know was that some of them are amazing bakers! I’ve never seen such a fancy desert table.  We sat at a table hosted by the best Tea Host ever.  It was so much fun!

The YMCA was a lot of fun too.  The kids are usually in the pool or the daycare rooms, so being able to roam around the gym was great for them.  There is a video room with Dance Dance Revolution, and some other really interesting games that combine physical exercise with a video game component.  Their favorite part was the obstacle course though.  An entire room was set up with bosu balls, step platforms, and mats and the kids zoomed around on them, balancing, running, hopping, and crab walking. 

A.P.’s last day of preschool is this week, and I know I am going to bawl like a baby.  We’ve been shuffling up there for two years now; a long time in a 4 year old’s life.  I’ll miss it. 

We are also going to the Star Power Rally in Lansing.  I am so excited to be a part of this! The Early Childhood Investment Corporation (ECIC) is holding a rally at the capitol to encourage legislators to support early childhood programs.  I am attending with the Great Start Parent Coalition, and the best part is that the kids get to go!! What a great way to teach them that our voice is important, and the political process is something to be actively involved in.  More info about ECIC and the rally are here.  For more info about Great Start, click on the link in my sidebar.  It goes right to the website, which is adding new resources and information all the time.

What are you doing this week? Need some ideas? Head over to Big Binder’s Calendar!


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