5 responses to “Cranergy

  1. Loved it. Blogged about it over on my blog. Gave me a nice boost of energy. This week the Crystal Light enery drinks were on sale at Meijer so I am giving those a try.

  2. adventuremom

    Can you drink this instead of exercising then? I will buy a case. 🙂

  3. My only thing is that it has Splenda in it. Splenda has chlorine in it and that is considered a carsegean (SP ?). AKA not good for your body, just like Aspertame & Sacharine (Sp?). Artificial sweeteners can cause you to become diabetic in massive amounts, so beware.

  4. Julie

    I think it is great because of the “B” vitamines in. They say that “B” vits. are really important for your overall health.

  5. Doreen

    I LOVE IT!!! I’m worried though because one of my local grocery stores is closing it out (i.e. not going to sell it anymore). I hope that Ocean Spray keeps making it.

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