No Need For A Road Trip

Every summer, my Dad and three of his brothers get together for a trip.  Regardless of the destination, my Uncle Bob wants to drive his RV there.  As he himself will explain, RV does not stand for Recreational Vehicle as you might assume.  The R in this case is for Ridiculous.  It’s big and old and gets about 4 MPG.

This year, they are planning on heading to Taliesin, a Frank Lloyd Wright house near Madison, Wisconsin.  I don’t know why though; they could save about $1000 in gas by driving the RV to Grand Rapids instead and visiting the Meyer May House. It’s a Frank Lloyd Wright house that is currently owned by Steelcase.  Although they use it for private parties, there are also free tours.  I have been twice, and was impressed both times.  I mostly came away wishing that Steelcase would invite me to a party there. 

The tours are offered Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10AM-2PM, and Sundays from 1PM-5PM.  Call (616) 246-4821 for more information. This is really not a great place for kids, or strollers so I recommend it as an adult activity.  It’s nice, and quiet, and you’ll leave there having learned a lot.  There is no RV parking though, so you may have to make other arrangements if that is your ride.



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  1. If only you knew someone who could hook you up with a steelcase party. Someone who could be bribed with hummus and cookies…

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