Feature Friday Fireman

I realize it is Saturday. I meant to do this last night, but I was busy. I had to watch two movies; very important stuff. First I watched, “Margot At the Wedding” which I really liked a lot. This could have something to do with the fact that I was in complete peace and quiet, eating smoothie-popsicles and laying around watching it while my husband took the kids out shopping.

Next, my husband and I watched “In the Valley of Elah” which I also really liked, until the last 20 minutes where I thought it got a little preachy. I usually watch about one movie every two weeks, so the fact that we also went to see one as a family day means I am WAY over quota.

After the Grace Hunger Walk this morning we were all a little tired. This was especially true for A.P. who rode his bike for the entire 3.3 miles. We decided to check out the Dove Family Film Festival movie for this week, which was, “Mr. Bean’s Holiday“. Because you know, kids LOVE Brittish comedy. At least there was popcorn.

I don’t mean to hammer at you all about fire safety and I have stopped yacking about smoke detectors, but my Feature Friday for this week is the Kentwood Fire Department. I wish I could say it was the GRFD, but we went last year and they were, well, you can read about that in this post from Char at Eastowners. Since many of the moms in my mother’s group live in Kentwood, we asked them for a tour this time. We went this past Tuesday, and they were awesome. The tour was over an hour, and we never felt like we were anything but welcome. They took a lot of time to answer questions and show us around.

The two best parts were when they let the kids find them in a supply closet using a handheld heat-detector to see how it works in the dark, and when Firefighter Steve put all of his gear on, piece by piece, and made sure the kids knew the entire time it was still him. He did this so that if they were ever to be in a fire, they wouldn’t be scared of firefighters. He let them jump on him and told them that during a fire, the firefighters can’t always see little kids so they should run and grab them rather than hide.

We have been talking about Figherfighter Steve ever since. Every fire truck we see, even on TV, may have him in it. I am so grateful for the awesome tour, and would encourage anyone with small children living in that area to arrange for a tour. You will be happy you did.


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  1. I am so happy that you guys finally got a good tour of a fire dept. The guys out in Kentwood are great, and most of them do really well with kids. Also, way to go A.P.! That’s awesome that he rode that far. I don’t think I could ever get Clare to go that far.

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