A Little Update

On Monday I let you all know that we were spending very little on groceries this week ($11.50; I meant for $10.00 but I was not so good at estimating how much some of the produce weighed) so that we could donate the rest. There were so many responses I wanted to give you all a little update.  First, the Cornish Hens; eh.  I don’t know what I was expecting but they not too exciting and far too much work to cut up and eat.  The turkey is in the oven right now, so I hope that goes well.

We decided Sunday that we would embark on this little adventure, however, didn’t consult our calendars beforehand.  I forgot that I was hosting book club Tuesday night, and found out that A.P. is supposed to bring a snack to preschool on Friday.  Both of these events would have resulted in an extra $20.00 easily but I kept with what I had around the house and the guests were generous in bringing food and drink to supplement my eclectic offering of hummus (a LOT of hummus; my blender actually started smoking), oatmeal cookies, and popcorn.  So generous, in fact, that some of the left behind treats will be recycled for the preschool snack. 

I had the extreme honor of attending the Kids Food Basket “Feast For Kids” last week and  that along with this tiny little exercise is making me realize even more how fortunate we are.  We didn’t do “Tasty Tuesday” either so that the $10 or so we spend on lunch can be put with our grocery money.  If you feel like you want to take a similar action and give something up so you can give something away, please leave a comment or send me an email.  I’d love to hear some good news from real people!



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    You rock! Are you collecting money for this cause? We have done it for the last five years and happen to be out of town this weekend. Let me know.

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