Cyclone Saturday

As we were leaving preschool yesterday, A.P. asked if we could do a cyclone experiment.  He was specific in his request for materials; two plastic bottles, a pitcher of water, a funnel, and yellow tape.  This sounded pretty harmless. As it turns out, he got the idea from Blues Clues.  Not having cable, our exposure to this show is sadly minimal.  The kids have memorized the episodes we have on video.

We gathered our supplies and set out to make some cyclones.  He insisted the blue tape would not work, because Steve used yellow tape.  I assured him it would be fine.  I was wrong.

Water went everywhere and I would call it a tsunami rather than a cyclone.  We cleaned up and told Daddy about it when he got home. He laughed at my blue tape.  He said we should have used yellow tape. Apparently, the males in our species are issued some sort of secret adhesives manual at birth.  Did any of you know about this? 

So here are the directions.  It really is a cool experiment provided you have the right materials.  I figure that our initial failure, then success makes it an experiment rather than a project.  Aren’t I just the Scientific Method Mommy today?

You will need:

  • Two plastic bottles (two litre)
  • Funnel
  • Pitcher of water
  • Tape – any kind will do.  Just kiddingYellow tape.

Take the caps off of the bottles.  Using the funnel, pour the water into one bottle until it is about 3/4 full.  Place the empty bottle on top of the 3/4 full one, spouts together.  Tape the bottles together.  Flip them so the full one is on top, swirling in a circular motion until the water forms a funnel and drains into the other bottle.  Repeat ad infinitum.


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3 responses to “Cyclone Saturday

  1. Abby’s class has this experiment in their room. They also used food coloring in the water. Super cool!

  2. We also added food coloring. We also cheated and bought one of those plastic bottle connectors – no tape! 🙂

  3. Silly Sister-in-law

    We have made this several times before and it is aways fun!

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