Meme Monday

Holy cow! Hi, it is Monday and I have no menu plan.  This has everything to do with the fact that I spent Friday night in Butterworth’s ER (out of towners – this is the big, public hospital) with A.P.  He’s fine, but it was a long night. Saturday we laid kind of low, and Sunday I guess laid even lower with the help of a great deal of sunshine and wine.  My dad came up for a visit and we grilled up those cocoa chili spiced ribs for A Simple Cajun Life’s Cooking Challenge  ; they were really good!

So I need to catch up on a few memes.  First, Drama Queen Confessions tagged me for the “7 things you may not know about me” meme.  Considering people can know me for decades and may not be able to name 7 things about me (I’m the proverbial onion with many layers, I’ve been told) this should be easy.

  1. I was born a poor black child.   OK of course that’s not true, but one of my top three favorite movies is “The Jerk“, and that was the first line of it.
  2. The other two are “Good Fellas” and “Clueless“.
  3. I used to hate Grand Rapids.  I thought it was pretentious.
  4. I am eligible for membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution.  My grandma is my ‘hook up’ but she won’t let me on account of – you got it, pretentiousness.
  5. I still know people I went to nursery school with.  Having moved 10 times (once with my family from Detroit to Lansing; the rest was mainly due to youthful restlesness) in my life, I feel this is remarkable.
  6. I am left-handed.  I am inexplicably very proud of this.  I am even more proud that Maybelle is, too.
  7. I have the messiest car of anyone you have ever seen in your entire life. 

Team-Meat (I love that name!) tagged me for a “6 random things about me” meme.  So, here I go, carrying on about myself some more 🙂

  1. My first car was a Renault Alliance.  I called it the “French Touring Mobile”.   It was boxy and a stick shift – two features I admire in cars. I loved it deeply, and cried when we sold it.
  2. With the exception of Sun-In, I have never colored my hair.  I have never had a perm.  It is just brown and stick straight.
  3. I had braces in middle school.  My orthodontist told me I was his “worst patient ever”.  I was expected to give up popcorn and gum, and found this ridiculous.
  4. I took Tae Qwan Do in high school, but quit after I got a black eye.  I didn’t feel this was a good accessory for my Pom Pon uniform.
  5. The real reason I moved to Georgia was not to attend college.  It was because I find the smell of magnolias irresistable.
  6. I love mountains, but only the kind with trees.  The Rocky Mountains do nothing for me.
  7. I am obsessed with Cuba.  When Fidel stepped aside, my Cuban neighbor got so excited he came over to tell me not that his family could finally come and visit; but that I stand a chance at being able to travel there some day.

Movin’ on! PreSchoolMama tagged me to write a 6 word memior. Too hard! Too hard! I’ll give it a shot though:

I’m finally where I should be.

If you are still reading this post, please consider yourself tagged!



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7 responses to “Meme Monday

  1. Ooooh, I love it! And I thought mine was profound. 🙂
    You should take a ride in my car! 🙂


    i think you should drive the hoopty more often!

  3. I LOVE Goodfellas AND Clueless!

  4. adventuremom

    My Canadian nanny vacations in Cuba and I thouht it was weird because no one in America says that. Found out it is because we are not allowed. I am a little dumb about Cuba obviously.

  5. I love your memoir. I find it odd I did not know you were left handed. I also would like to say that when I moved to Grand Rapids from Chicago, I didn’t want to because I thought everyone here was an uncultured hick. So I wanted to leave in East Grand Rapids among the “cultured” city people. Um, I grew up in Iowa, I don’t know who I thought I was. Anyway, it is funny how everyone has different perceptions.

  6. Love your responses! Sun In… now THAT brings back memories from my teen years!

  7. hotomom

    Wow I am really impressed – never dyed your hair – wow wish I could claim that fame also (not so much). 🙂 Good way to end the blog, almost seems perfect with your 6 word memoir.

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