5 responses to “So, then it’s not just me?

  1. i feel the same way too. Life is definitely harried.

  2. Amen! Today I took time out for myself! 🙂 I finally used the spa gift card that my hubby gave me last year(I think for Mother’s Day!) and got a 45 minute massage while my parents kept up with my kids. 🙂

    Now it is back to the harried life…and dusting walls and getting those hanging dust webs and perking up those curtains. 🙂

  3. Man I should write a post about how to be lazy all calendar year long. That seems to be the mantra around here.

  4. Definitely noticing it myself. I thought it was just me! Summer’s already begun here, and the heat is making me feel so lethargic. Over the past week, I’ve managed to complete barely half of what I was supposed to do.

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