Something to make.. Chicken Soup?

As you know, I try and bring a fun craft to you each Saturday.  Sadly, my husband came home from work yesterday feeling sick.  He woke up with a full-blown sore throat and fever.  I’m pretty sure it’s strep throat.  He’s pretty sure it’s not, but that whatever it is – it is fatal.  Naturally, he won’t go to the doctor, who may not only disagree with his diagnosis but worse yet – confirm that mine is correct. 

Frankly, I’m a bit relieved.  He has been less than totally pleasant to be around for the past several days and this at least gives him an excuse.  In desperation, I was actually trying to figure out how to crush up a few Midol and sneak them into his Mountain Dew. 

I took my kids to the library this morning where I got some great news.  The summer reading program – and you know I am a huge fan – launches Monday, June 9 and goes through Saturday, August 2.   It’s called “Catch the Reading Bug”.  There are a lot of great events coming to the Grand Rapids Public Library locations (sorry I don’t have any KDL info yet), and I’ll fill in the details as the date gets closer.  One thing I do want to mention is that on Tuesday, July 22 and Wednesday, July 23 there is a program called, “Insects Do The Strangest Things”. 

Professor “Anson Pantz” of the Kalamazoo Nature Center will teach kids about the strange things insects to.  Dr. Pantz’s real name is Pete Stobie and he is an award-winning naturalist.  When I lived in Kalamazoo I volunteered at the Nature Center and was privileged to work with him. He is AMAZING with kids, I am so excited that he will be here as part of this program.  Put this one on your calendar for sure.

I had planned on watching an episode of Reading Rainbow called, “Watch The Stars Come Out”, reading along while we watched, and then making a star-mobile craft I found on the website.  It’s simple, but thematic. My favorite. However, I would be a big fat liar if I told you we made anything but Chicken Noodle Soup today.  We also watched the Reading Rainbow episode, but no craft, no book. At least it’s kind of educational… and the soup is good.



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  1. Sorry to hear that your hubby is sick! He sounds a lot like my hubby when sickness sets in! Then he wonders why the kids and I get sick too after he has been sick.

    Thanks for the info about GR Public Library’s Summer Reading. I just might have the kids do GR’s and KDL’s. I looked on KDL’s site and it looks like their program starts the first week in June. Not sure how long it lasts but usually it is thru the end of August. I have to go to the Wyoming KDL branch before Friday this week due to having books that are due then so I will try to remember to ask while I am there! 🙂

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