Things to Do

Sadly, Spring Break is almost over.  We have made the most of it.  Today we went to Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium at Celebration Cinema South as part of the Dove Family Film Festival.  They kids got a nice haul from the “Spring Break South” I wrote about before in the Spring Break posts.  This goes on through tomorrow, so if you go to check it out, your kids can expect the following:

  1. A piece of cake.
  2. Two lollipops.
  3. A piece of candy.
  4. A mini camera/viewmaster thingy, a little pencil, stickers, and a notebook in an Adventure Pack.
  5. A package of cookies.
  6. A craft station to make a foam picture frame.
  7. Assorted stickers, coloring pages, bouncy balls, and spinning tops.

Just a word of advice.  Not that this happened to me, of course.  If you happen to have a screaming headache and you shut your eyes during the movie for just a second to meditate on the Extra Strength Tylenol you left in your car (stupid! stupid!); make sure you are sitting on the end of the aisle in case your 4 year old son decides the movie is a little slow and he wants to “go up to the top of the theater to see the thing that the movie is coming out of”.  This way, in case you have nodded off for just a second, he will wake you up when he is trying to get past and you can pass it off like nothing happened so the Other People in the theater don’t think you are a Terrible Parent. 

Many of the other Spring Break events are still going on tomorrow, so check them out.  For activities next week and throughout the month, head over to Big Binder’s Calendar.

Be thankful you didn’t really go anywhere for Spring Break, because if you had, you would probably still be sitting in the airport trying to get to your destination as flight upon flight is cancelled…


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2 responses to “Things to Do

  1. lol that sounds like something that would happen to me. My kids are always finding ways to make me look like the bad parent.


    This is why I love you!

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