Putting my Menu Plan Monday to shame

I just came across a new blog called Rice, Beans & Mixed Greens that I have found fascinating.  It is written by a woman named Maria who is undertaking a challenge of spending only $30 total on food between April 10 and May 9.  She will then donate the difference between this very small amount and what she usually spends to Blandford Nature Center and Mixed Greens.  She is also doing it to raise awareness of the dietary limitations facing people on a low income.

Although Blandford is no longer part of Grand Rapids Public Schools, Mixed Greens works very hard to connect kids with local food production systems through on site programs at Blandford as well as school vegetable gardens and kitchen classrooms.

I am a definite ‘feeder’.  I like to cook for people.  The charities that always pull on my heartstrings most are those that provide food for people who need it.  It is hard for me to see people hungry, either by choice or by circumstance.  I have the urge to send Maria food.  Unfortunately, she has set up a list of rules that would not allow for this. She will, however, allow herself to forage for food. Maria, come on over.  I have a cheese and crackers tree in my back yard; have at it!

I am going to add this blog to my blogroll while the project is current so that you can follow along as well if you are interested.

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One response to “Putting my Menu Plan Monday to shame

  1. ricebeansmixedgreens

    Thanks so much for mentioning my little experiment and adding it to your blogroll!

    While I find it dubious that you have a cheese & cracker tree in your backyard, I appreciate the offer. Lots of people have been making offers very similar to yours. It’s really heartwarming to see how generous people can be.

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