Olives, of course

I mentioned previously that my Silly Sister in Law gave me the information about Sparta Lanes having a Spring Break special with $1 games and free shoe rental.  Although we are not related by blood – let me tell you that we are related.  We must be.  We are both left-handed.  We are relentlessly frugal. And we create the most beautiful children in the world.  OK that last one may be slightly biased.

Back to the frugality.  In addition to the bowling hook up, she had a stack of free kids’ meal coupons.  We met at the bowling alley and with the kids,  (five of them in all with ages ranging from 2 through 9) bowled up a storm. I will admit that our confidence was bolstered by the bumpers.  It was more like pool than bowling, with the ball ricocheting off of the bumpers to pick up the spare.  We kind of just let the kids take over because half of them couldn’t keep score, or ended up in the wrong lane. We were just there for those super cute bowling shoes, anyway.

From there we headed over to the Olive Garden.  I asked Maybelle what she wanted to eat for lunch.  “Olives!”.  I should have known.  This girl is an olive freak.  A.P. was easy – his new love of meatballs was a perfect fit for Olive Garden. Once we were there, the seating arrangement only took the kids about what seemed like 45 minutes to get straight.  We also had my Sister In Law’s mom and brother with us, so we really had quite the crowd.  Her kids were great.  The helped my kids with their lunches, and ate most of their own. 

My kids were not. It turns out the ONLY thing Maybelle would eat were olives, and not the surrounding salad or pizza.  A.P. did not want meatballs after all.  He wanted my kids’ meal grilled chicken and steamed broccoli I had cleverly (I thought) ordered for him, and then switched with the adult spaghetti and meatballs entree.  My sister in law had done the same thing, with the same results.  Since when do kids reject spaghetti and meatballs, and ravioli, and ask for grilled chicken with broccoli instead?? I guess the other thing we have in common is weird kids.

As we walked across the parking lot to the cars, the kids lined up in order of height and held hands.  It was a very sweet sight – all of the cousins were thrilled to be together.  I hope all of our Spring Breaks are this fun!




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3 responses to “Olives, of course

  1. goodideamomma

    I look forward to the day when Maybelle and I can enjoy a good Dirty Martini together. A girl after my own heart!

  2. Oh, how I do love a good day at the bowling alley bumper bowling – it makes me feel better about my score every time!


    Well you were at OLIVE garden 🙂

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