Menu Plan Monday, April 7

Oh I had big plans last week, didn’t I? Yes I had the menus, I had the ingredients.. what I didn’t have was a husband who was awake to eat dinner.  He worked 3am to 3pm ALL WEEK.  By the time dinner time rolled around, he was heading for bed and although my children are relatively good eaters (usually) I knew that we would have too many leftovers if I cooked a real meal every night.

I decided to make the lasagne I had frozen previously.  It was huge, and had a lot of cheese and meat so a little went a long way.  Three days, in fact – about the lenght time it is questionable to continue serving it. So Monday we had restaurant leftovers (spaghetti; at least I kept on track with that) and that lasagne until Thursday.  I also made hummus, tabouleh, onion rings, and banana bread throughout the week.  Friday I made baked chicken with BBQ sauce – horribly creative, I know, and Italian Beans.  After work yesterday (yes, he worked Saturday too) he took the kids to the park in a bike trailer.  Being the lazy bones that I am, I met them at JB’s Pizza when they were done.

So onto this week… it’s going to look a lot like last week. Mr. Binder works the same hours, so I am only going to cook every other day. Nothing new; since I already have everything I need (except for a little produce) I won’t re-post those recipes; but I will post the ones from the other things I made last week.

  • The hummus recipe was from the Hummus Blog.  I am still working on perfecting it; although my last batch was pretty good.  The guy that owns the Middle Eastern Market down the street is so nice and I love going in there to get my supplies.
  • I kind of make tabouleh however I feel like that day; but here is a good basic recipe.
  • I have an old Betty Crocker cookbook, but the recipe online for the  banana bread is the same.
  • Here is the Italian Bean Bake recipe.
  • And the Onion Ring recipe.

Finally, Glimpse of Sonshine kindly gave me a blueberry muffin recipe to try this week, and it looks wonderful.  Here is a link to that.

For more organized and coherent menu planning, head over to Menu Plan Monday at Laura’s Blog.



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4 responses to “Menu Plan Monday, April 7

  1. I just posted our first cooking challenge. I hope you join us.

  2. MMM… I LOVE hummus! I haven’t been daring enough to make it myself yet though. I mix mine with salmon and top it with salsa and put it on top of whole wheat crackers.

    Thanx for posting my link to my blog! I need to try those onion rings!

  3. Wow. You have a lot of yummy stuff on your menu. I’m going to have to try the hummus.
    I’m just starting to attempt to make a menu for the week and actually plan ahead with a few pre-made freezer meals. I have to admit I feel more productive and being prepared allows me more time for tackling other things around the house and spending more time with the kids.
    I’ll have to check back later to see what new recipes you make next. 🙂

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