A Summer Breeze, or A Mighty Wind

I know it has just started acting like spring, so it seems a little premature to plan the entire summer out.  Well, for most people it seems premature. My friend 3inunder3 already signed her kids up for summer classes. And I – well, I named my blog after an organizational device; I know what I am doing every day between now and December 31, 2010.  Just kidding.  Or am I…? 

Summer is short ’round here, and it goes so quickly.  Now is the time to start looking into summer classes, programs, and camps. If you know of an event but can’t find any registration information, call the organization and ask when registration begins.  Go on now, BE the first parent in line for Soccer Tots Camp. 

Why is this Sanctuary Sunday? Ask me again about the third week in July when it is hot and sweaty and your kids are bored to death and all the tricks you had up your sleeve to last through the summer are already depleted and you have nowhere you can ship them off and they don’t go back to school for six more weeks.

My favorite summer program story is from Vacation Bible School.  This was last summer, so A.P. was not quite 4 yet.  What follows is the Resurrection Story through the eyes of a 3 year old boy. 

“First, Jesus died on the cross (check).  Then, he got down off the cross (well...) and took his sword out (what??) and started slashing people like this (extremely animated sword slashing action here). Then a ‘crazy wind’ came and blew him away.  To Florida.” 

You wouldn’t want to deprive your children of such rich educational experiences, now, would you? Get them signed up now so you can get them OUT OF YOUR HAIR FOR A FEW HOURS provide these opportunities for them later. 

Here are some resources for you:

What else is out there? Share your information with the world!  Let’s all work together this summer to save our sanity 🙂


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3 responses to “A Summer Breeze, or A Mighty Wind

  1. I love that Resurrection story.
    I have just started researching which caps I could put Noah into the wouldn’t cost an arm, leg, and foot.

  2. That AP story is my absolute favorite. I am looking forward to vacation bible school just to hear more of the same.

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