Teach Your Children Well

I hope that you’ll indulge me for one post as I shamelessly brag about A.P.  If not, well, then skip this one but be sure to come back tomorrow; I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled programming.

I had preschool conferences this morning.  He has gone to the same school and had the same teacher for his entire academic career (all two years of it) so his she knows him very well.  During the conference, there were two comments that stood out for me.  The first was that “A.P. is a friend to everyone”.  The world is full of division.  I am proud that my child is able to communicate and connect with all of his classmates regardless of color, gender, or ability. 

This trait will be a challenge for him as he grows older. I speak from firsthand experience; having been called a chameleon, politician, and other unkind things by children who couldn’t understand my ability to get along with the entire range of the social scene – from the “scummy” kids to the “popular” ones.  I hope he has the strength not to let anyone pigenhole him and the ability to realize these inevitable criticisms are results of jealousy and insecurity.  There will be people who don’t like him just for this reason.  I hope he can rise above it and stay true to who he is.

The other comment A.P.’s teacher made that I felt was significant was that she considered it an honor to be his teacher.  I just nodded, because I feel the exact same way about being his mother.

After conferences, I went to the gym and while on the treadmill, watched TV programs about how people were remembering the assasination of Martin Luther King, Jr. 40 years ago today.  I’ve mentioned before that MLK is A.P.’s hero and my entire workout was spent wondering “what will be” for my son, and “what would have been” had MLK lived.  My mind was working harder than my body, to be sure.  My emotions of pride and sadness were crashing into each other.  I am not any kind of visionary. I have not “seen the promised land”.  I don’t know what our country is capable of; nor do I know what the future will bring for my son.  All I have is a feeling great hope that I have never felt before.




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4 responses to “Teach Your Children Well


    I have learned as a parent that the feeling of true pride is best experienced as a parent. It makes you smile, it makes you cry, and its reassuring. In this crazy world we, as parents, can do our best and in the end hope that goodness prevails. Well rounded children are hard to come by. You should be so proud of your beautiful son! 🙂

  2. I love shameless brags. Brag away.

  3. P.S. Good children are often a result of good mammas. 😉

  4. Brag away girlfriend. Those conferences are a great way to see our children through someone else’s eyes. Many days I am completely aware of what makes my children fantastic, but I have just as many days where I have difficulty remembering. It is nice to see how someone else sees them. I will miss that little school.

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