Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, what’s the difference?

This is a combo post, most likely poorly written due to the tiredness of the blogger.  It is Wednesday (for a few more minutes anyway), but I will tell you about Tasty Tuesday first.  The kids and I went to Noodles and Company.  We had free coupons they were handing out at the Griffins Game on Friday so we headed up there to cash in.  Mr. Binder didn’t get any coupons, given that his hands were full of Dollar Drafts.

A.P.’s newest food obsession is meatballs.  Sadly, there is not a dish on the entire menu that includes meatballs, so he settled on mac & cheese.  This is nowhere near the out of the box variety; this is bazillion calorie creamy cheesy goodness.  I had the Pad Thai, because it always makes me think of the best name for a restaurant EVER – Thai One On in Atlanta.

Both were delicious, but the best part was watching my kids eat mac & cheese with chopsticks.  OK the best part was that it was free, but the second best:  the chopsticks.

And onto the Things to do Thursday… I posted Monday about Spring Break ideas. You can read that post here. Since then, my Silly Sister In Law (who honestly, is very level headed) alerted me to a Spring Break Special at Sparta Lanes.  From 9:30-12AM they have free shoe rental and $1.00 lanes.  Here is the website. This is a steal, and we might head up there and do a little bowlin’ with the cousins.  MAYBE BARACK OBAMA WILL SHOW UP!!! He would be the only person in the world I have a chance at winning against in bowling. I don’t even think I could take Maybelle.

Also, Aerials & Baranis Gym in Sparta is having a Spring Break Special.  They will have Open Gym from 1-3 Monday through Friday, with ages 3-5 being $5, under 2 free, and 7 and over $10.00.  Here is their website. Thank you for the info!!

Betty Ford’s 90th Birthday is being celebrated on Tuesday, April 8 at the Ford Museum.  There is free admission, and birthday cake.

Celebration Cinema South is having Spring Break at South, and has “Free Games, Crafts, and Goodies”.  Combined with the Dove Family Film Festival, this could be a nice, inexpensive Spring Break activity.

I’ll post more if I hear of anything!



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3 responses to “Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, what’s the difference?

  1. We love the Noodles & Co around here. I think they get our dining out money at least once a month. Clare loves their Mac & Cheese too, although she adds some tofu in to make it even yummier!

  2. Thanks for visiting me today. I mentioned Noodles & Company in my post today too. My 5 year old LOVES using the chopsticks.

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