Another Sugar Cube, Ella?

Tasty Tuesday was an ‘in house’ production today.  Our Bright Beginnings Parent Educator came by for a visit this morning and was kind enough to stay longer than her appointment so that my kids could show her every single toy in each of their rooms. Her patience is nothing short of saint-like.

In addition to running a little later than planned, I decided to stay home for a few reasons. First, I have to weigh in at Weight Watchers once a month now that I am ‘lifetime’.  The end of the month is drawing near. To borrow a line from the Breakfast Club, I am pushing maximum density.  Second, we set aside a small amount each week for fun money.  All of my fun money was donated to a good cause this weekend.  The good cause was about 8 tacos (two at a time) and 4 orders of chips and salsa from the Big Burrito in Kalamazoo.

So I borrowed an idea from PreSchool Mama.  When I read her post about it, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t done this yet with my kids.  What is it? A tea party! I think it’s funny that American kids would be excited about a tea party.  Little European preschoolers, maybe, with their cute little accents, who have actually been to a tea. Apparently there is some universal appeal, as it proved to be extremely entertaining. 

It took a little convincing that the tea itself would be pretend.  Even using water would have turned the whole thing into a complete mess and having just cleaned up the fingerpaint lesson from Bright Beginnings, I wasn’t ready to start all over with the disaster zone thing.  Maybelle is quite the hostess, and spent the entire time arranging and re-arranging the seating.  Unfortunately, the guests were already seated.  Fortunately, they are all dolls and stuffed animals. Her favorite doll, ‘Baby Ella’ was treated with special reverence.  Her cup was consistently topped off with fresh, hot air-tea.

It was a bit of a thrown-together affair today and next time I will make some little finger foods. We might even invite some real people.  I will also send A.P. off somewhere to play, as he was bored after just a few minutes when he realized there were no good snacks.

Maybe next week we will be back to dining out for Tasty Tuesday.  Hopefully I will have a few dollars in my wallet, and a few less pounds on the scale.  If not, I’ll just let the kids order what they want and have a nice big serving of air; I hear it’s all the rage.



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5 responses to “Another Sugar Cube, Ella?

  1. I love eating out but after doing so for so many meals on our trip if I never see another burger or taco I’ll die happy.

  2. Oh, I so remember The Big Burrito! They had the best pico de gallo! Oh, and my girls would so love to join your tea party. Since my youngest has quite the obsession with Mary Poppins, I think they would have a great time. She might be a bit disappointed if we couldn’t have it on the ceiling, though.

  3. How lovely. Yeah I don’t see AJ really being into the tea party thing. I can totally picture MAybelle though. Good luck at the weigh in. I have given up my quest to try and lose the last 10 before trying for baby #3. I would rather just eat myself silly for another year and then starve myself for the next 3.

  4. Silly Sister-in-law

    Good luck at the weigh in today!! (got a second 5lb sticker!!!)

    Julia loves tea parties, I usually end up eating all of the snacks off the stuff animal cats, and doodle bears that go along with the water in the tea cups!

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